How to change Facebook password

If your password not fully protected or not comfortable please change the password and make the fully desire or secure password. If your password not secure or protected then your password hacked by the hackers. So immediately change your password and choose secure and comfortable password. When you make a new password please follow these useful steps.
1.    Password should be minimum eight characters.
2.   Password should be characters with numeric values
3.   Your Password must be comfortable and secure.
4.   Same password neither is used in other account.
5.   Never store your password on your computer.
6.   Don’t tell anybody your password
7.   Always remember to keep your passwords private and do not include your personal information like date of birth, Id number etc as your passwords.

How to Change Your Facebook Password When You Have Forgotten It-: you can forget your Facebook Passwords? Don’t worry Read the following steps and follow these useful steps and after that you can change your Facebook account password.

1.  Click on Forgot your password.











2.   Now you can choose following options if you can choose mail option please type your mail id in the box and then click on search option.













3.  Identify Your Account and click on This is my account.









4.  Click the Email option and then press continue .









5.  When you choose this mail option your password code send to your mail id.So please open your mail id and copy this code and paste into the Facebook box and then press Continue.








6.  Now you can choose your new Facebook Password.When you choose your new password then press Continue button and then you can access your Facebook account.








But sometime you want to change your current password if you want to change your current Facebook Password then follow these steps.

1.  Log on to your facebook account.





2.  Now On the top menu select Settings and click on Account Settings.








3.  Look where it says password and click on Edit.








4.  Now you can choose your desire Password.









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