How to reinstall Internet Explorer

How to reinstall or repair Internet Explorer:-

This Article delivers some valuable steps how to reinstall or repair your Internet explorer browser in windows Xp, Windows 7, Windows vista. If you are facing the internet explorer browser complications and you want how to reinstall or repair your internet explorer please follow the following useful steps and repair or reinstall your internet explorer browser. The steps follow for Internet explorer 7, Internet explorer 8, and Internet explorer 9.

1.  Reinstall Internet Explorer:-

Sometimes after cleaning a virus or spyware infection application can be scratched if your internet explorer displays the following error,










Then you need to uninstalling the browser completely, rebooting and Reinstalling. You can choose these following steps to just uninstall damaged internet explorer and reinstall the new or updated version. First, we remove the damaged internet explorer application for using these steps.

Click on Start > Control Panel > Add or Remove Program or Programs & Features > internet explorer > remove programs.

After the uninstalling your internet explorer application you need to download new IE application so visit Microsoft’s  site and download the new version of IE.







Go to the place where the downloaded Internet Explorer was saved.





1.  Please and Double Click to install it.







2. Select Run from the Security Warning dialog box.

3. Choose Option I want to help improve Internet Explorer and then click next.

4. Choose I accept option.

5. Choose the Install Updates check box, and click Next

6. Select Restart Now.

After restart process you can use internet explorer.

2. Reset the Internet Explorer:-

In these versions of IE, you can repair broken files or missing registration information. To reorganize the IE settings manually, follow these steps,

1. Start Internet Explorer.

2. On the Tools menu, click Internet Options.












3.  On the Advanced tab, click Reset under Reset Internet Explorer settings.












4.  In the Reset Internet Explorer Settings dialog box, click Reset to confirm.

reset ie








5. After processing you can click on Close .









If you follow these important step then you easily Reinstall or Repair internet explorer.